Tuesday, November 23, 2010



“Discover How a Near-Broke California Man Saved all
5 of His Homes From Foreclosure
 Shaving a Whopping
$493K off his Total Mortgage Expenses
 Using a Dead
Simple Do-it-Yourself Loan Modification System.”

PROVEN LOAN MODIFICATION SYSTEM: Go direct to your lender to save time and money… NO lawyers, NO closing costs, and NO dirty loan mod firms.
This paint-by-numbers system gives you all the tools you need to bang out a killer loan modification application in just 60 minutes, then follow-up and negotiate with your lender to get the best possible deal…
… Done this 5 times on own properties and dozens of times for clients. PLUS,  the only guy that offers a 100% unconditional guarantee for your success!

Date: November 23, 2010
Dear Homeowner,
Let me guess… your home’s value is dropping by the day and your monthly mortgage payment is downright ridiculous in this economy—am I right?
You know that foreclosure is a terrible option, but you also know you’ve got to do something or you’ll spend the next 30 years broke and struggling, throwing most of your hard-earned money into a bottomless pit because, quite frankly, your mortgage terms stink!
NOTE: All loan types are currently being approved for modifications including…
  • Negative Amortization Loans
  • Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMS)
  • Fixed Rate Loans
  • 1st, 2nd and even 3rd mortgages
  • Investment, vacation, and rental properties
I’m talking about saving your home here!
My name is Mike Rockwood, and in 2008, I nearly lost all 5 of my homes to foreclosure. The bad economy combined with my bad loans made it impossible for me to keep making my payments each month.

I’m sure you know the feeling…
When the 1st of the month came around, I literally felt sick with anxiety. My homes are my one and only foothold on the American Dream—and I thought I was going to lose everything just because the real estate market went sour.

Here’s Why I’m Telling You All This…
Just before I defaulted on my loans, by chance, I was invited to mortgage modification weekend workshop where I learned there was still hope—a lot of hope actually!
My wake-up call: I’d heard the term “mortgage modification” before, but I always assumed it was expensive, complicated, and difficult (like everything else that has to do with real estate).

Boy, was I wrong!
Here’s the truth: loan modifications are the fastest, cheapest, and easiest way to fix you mortgage problems—and nearly everyone qualifies! Let me be clear here… this is NOT a refinance, this is NOT a short sale, foreclosure, or bankruptcy.

Take a Look My Personal Loan Mod Successes
(on my own homes)…

My Indy Mac Loan Modification:

Before: 6.5% fixed (not bad… but not good enough)

After: 5.125% fixed

Monthly Savings: $638 (and $199K over life of loan)

*primary residence
My Wells Fargo Loan Modification:

Before: 6.5% fixed

After: 4.5% fixed

Monthly Savings: $262

*2nd mortgage
My Litton Loan Services Loan Modification:

Before: 7.35% fixed

After: 7% fixed

Monthly Savings: $140 ($27K over life of loan)

*Rental property
My 2nd Litton Loan Modification:

Before: 12.5% fixed

After: 7.0% fixed

Monthly Savings: $95 ($12K total over life of loan)

*Rental property

*PLUS I reduced my principal by 20%

My National City Modification

Before: 9.343% fixed

After: 1.0% fixed for 18 months

Monthly Savings: $782 (49% reduction!)

*2nd mortgage on primary residence

**saving nearly $10K/year

***30-year mod in progress now

“Loan Modification Does Not Have
to Ruin Your Credit!”
You don’t need a lawyer and you don’t need $1000’s of dollars… all you need is to get your story straight and submit a well-organized application to your lender requesting a reduction in payment.
Here’s where I come in: you need your application done right the first time, otherwise you risk rejection and you might even lose your home—so don’t even think about doing this without the proper tools and support!
I’ve done this for myself 6 times now, and hundreds of times for my clients, so I know with certainly that I can help you make your loan modification application perfect—and get the absolute best possible deal.
Why trust me? In the process of saving my own homes, I became a leading authority on mortgage modification. Perhaps you’ve heard me on the radio or read articles about me in the newspaper.
Here’s what makes the 60-Minute Loan Modification so unique and why it’s created such a buzz:
  • It’s Fast - My last loan modification application took just 25 minutes (avg. is 60 minutes) and I secured a 1% fixed rate for 18 months.
  • It’s Cheap – Loan modification firms (often illegally) are charging $3,500-5,500 for filling out some forms and calling your lender… ridiculous! My system is more effective and keeps that cash where it belongs—in your pocket!

    Plus, you’re results are 100% guaranteed so there’s no risk to you at all.
  • I’m a Real Person – Most people in the mortgage modification business are vultures preying on other people’s misfortunes. In many cases, the same mortgage brokers who sold us these crappy loans in the first place are now trying to overcharge you and me for “loan modification services.” What a sham!

    I speak with all my clients personally both in one-on-one calls as well as 2x/week on our teleconferences. I’m a real guy with real mortgage problems just like you—but I found a way out!

    When you work with me, there is no giant corporate structure, no hiding behind company logos or disclaimers… we offer full disclosure to our clients and are here to support you every step of the way

Can Banks Really Just Give Away Money?
It’s hard to believe but it’s true… I’ll save $493K over the life of my loans simply because I lowered my rates. Here’s just a couple places where the money is coming from:
  • Dec 26, 2008: Hope Now (a lender alliance) announces its plans to double the number of loan modifications granted in 2009 and save 2.2 million homes from foreclosure with as much as$300 billion in government subsidies
  • Oct 31, 2008: Chase announces plans to modify $110 billion in home loans
  • Oct 6, 2008: Bank of America (who took over Countrywide) announced it’ll dish out $8.4 billionin interest rate and principal reduction for homeowners
And those are just a few BIG examples… loan modifications are being approved right now by every single mortgage lender nationwide… so the questions is, do you want to participate or not?
Here’s the way I see it: Wall Street already got their bailout (to the tune of $2 trillion!), and loan modifications are now bailing out average people like you and me on Main Street - but it’s not going to last forever!